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House Foils

Kitchen Foils

Kitchen Foil and Cling Film, besides, domestic consumption, the items are extensively used by caterers, hotels, cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes, airlines, railways, schools, company canteen, coffee-shops, and so on.

“Kitchen Foil” (pure aluminium foil)- used for cooking, freezing, wrapping, storing, packing, decoration, and so on.

– Available in all sizes 9mt, 18mt, 72mt, 1kg Rolls

Cling Foils

“Cling Film” a quick economical and hygienic process for food] wrapping and protection. Very convenient for use in freezers, refrigerators, microwave oven. Keeps flavours, freshness and taste inside and avoids mixing odours. Also useful protection from dust, moisture, fungus and has a high transparency which gives the healthy look to the products packed. Self-sticking (no adhesive or cello tape required for sticking).

- Available in all sizes 30, 100, 600mts.

Main properties of Cling Film

  • Keep the food fresh.
  • Protects the food.
  • Prevent flavor transfer from food to food.
  • Self sealing.
  • Ideal for covering food in bowls and dishes. For use with plastic or paper containers, allow enough wrap to cling to itself.
  • Woolens protecting nauseating smell during storage.
  • It keeps fruit, dry fruits fresh, moisture proof, fresh and also give them a healthy looks.
  • Silver and Brassware articles keep the new shine and gloss forever
  • It keeps Leather goods viz. wallets, jackets, purses etc., preventing fungus and keeps new like looks forever.
  • Useful for packaging of Electronic items viz TV/VCR remote control, calculators, telephones, etc.
  • Woolens protecting nauseating smell during storage.
  • Books, Photographs, Paintings protect from dust, moisture and retain beauty and originality forever.